• Marriage Certificate

    "Rachel's attention to detail and her probing questions truly made me feel like she wanted this piece to be everything I had hoped it would be. Every step of this process blew me away. The results are beyond what I could have imagined." -Laura, West Wedding Co

    Photo by Laura, West Wedding Co

  • Patterns for Little Western Brand

    Beautiful patterns inspired by life on the ranch perfect for swaddles, swimsuits, and more. Commissioned for Little Western Brand

    Photo by Little Western Brand

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  • Custom T-Shirt Design

    "Everyone was so obsessed with the shirts!!! No one even wanted to buy merch at the ranch because this artwork just was better than anything there!! Reaching out to [Rachel] was the best decision I made, I'm so happy!" -Caysee

    Photos courtesy of Caysee

  • Stock Dog Logo

    "Rachel did an outstanding job! Message her for all drawing/logo needs." -Nicole

    Photo courtesy of Nicole

  • "Fooler"

    "I asked Rachel to work on a drawing of my dad's most beloved horse, she came through with the most amazing portrait that captured his horse's appearance and personality. The smile I saw on my dad's face was one of genuine love and happiness, those smiles are hard to come by." -Bekah, Greenhorn Provisions

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  • Vintage Cowboy Poster

    There's nothing quite like watching the partnership and pure adrenaline going on between horse and cowboy while roping a calf. This poster is inspired by that feeling.

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  • Vintage Cowgirl Poster

    Gals that can rope a calf just as good as the rest of 'em. I'm lucky enough to know a few handy cowboy gals and this piece is dedicated to them.

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  • Brown Mare

    The boss' mare

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  • Cow Horse

    This is Holly--a working quarter horse on the ranch Rachel lives and works at.

    "We had finished sorting and Holly was standing quietly in the corral watching us load the trucks," says Rachel of that day.

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  • Pull Em' Tight

    Rachel first arrived at the ranch in the middle of branding season. Never having worked with cattle before, branding was a sight to be seen. Now she enjoys joining in on the community event and loves to rope.

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  • Killdeer

    The spring on the ranch is filled with all sorts of sounds of new life. Killdeer often come to the ranch and build nests in the oddest of places. For weeks Rachel watched a nest of 4 eggs and a parent Killdeer guard the nest off the side of the driveway until one day the eggs hatched. Mom and baby left not long after.

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  • Cowgirl Tough

    Inspired by the many amazing women found in the ranching world.

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  • Get Punchy

    Inspired by the many amazing women found in the ranching world.

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